Track your fleet

Turn your smartphone into a connected Flight Data Recorder
Process and send in real time flight parameters and improve safety

Aircraft Tracking

Use 3G/4G network to track your fleet only with the pilot's smartphone, no other equipment onboard required. 

Flight Data Recorder

More safety, more control over what your pilots are doing. Get graphic reports with G's, Engine power settings and GPS data in real time.

Auto log

Flight time auto logging, detects engine start, hobbs, block, flight time and landings

Go social

Smartphone notifications, social networking with your pilots, more plans, more flying


A smartphone is all you need

The inputs from its sensors are processed to obtain flight profiles, engine power, G's and more. This information is saved and sent to ground in real time.  

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Figures and records

Get out there and beat these stats!


Total flights


Flight hours


Miles flown


Max altitude registered (ft)

1 Register your club

Register here your club or flight school to access your admin panel and customize your logo, set your map location, create planes...

2 Download the app

All your pilots can now download aeroclAPP from the Google or Apple store. Make sure you validate them from your admin web panel

3 Go flying!

Now you know where your pilots are at all times. Start and stop the app before and after starting the engine. That's all, that simple


Innovation of the Year in Aviation

aeroclAPP was awarded as one of the Innovation of the year 2017 in Aviation by The Spanish Official Aerospace Engineering Society. Learn more...


Diario Sur: The « Low-Cost » black box'

To register and send GPS parameters or accelerations in real time with no physical interface with the aircraft. This is the idea of a Spanish company to « reduce maintenance and operational costs up to 15% ». Learn more...


And a real incident happened 

On May 2017, a single engine piston aircraft suffered an incident when landing. After loss of control it collide with a parked aircraft causing significant damage to both planes. aeroclAPP was able to provide an accurate analysis of the causes.


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